Fort Wayne FC Uniforms Explained

Similar to the Fort Wayne FC logo, the three waves on the uniform jersey sleeves, shorts and socks represent the three rivers of Fort Wayne.  The rivers St. Mary and St. Joseph form the river Maumee.  Maumee is referencing the Indian tribe Miami that lived in the greater Fort Wayne area.  It is the crossing of these three rivers where Anthony Wayne, a United States Army General, built the military Fort in 1794 and it is also the birthplace of the City of Fort Wayne.

Symbols of the flag of Indiana, the torch and its stars, can be found in front of the Fort Wayne FC jersey.  The torch represents liberty and enlightenment with its emanating rays representing their far-reaching influence.  The flag of Indiana carries 19 stars with Indiana as the nineteenth state to join the United States in 1816.  

Fort Wayne FC slogan “PROTECT THE FORT!” can be found under to collar on the back of the jersey.  The Old Fort near Spy Run Avenue in Fort Wayne is a recreation of the fort that stood in Fort Wayne in 1815.

The logo of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is displayed on the left sleeve.  Similar to the U.S. National Team jerseys, the logo is displayed inside the numbers.

For the game season year 2020, no player will carry a uniform with the number “20”.  That number is reserved for our fans and soccer audience supporting the Fort Wayne FC team with their number “20” jersey.  The 20 also reflects the inaugural game year of 2020. 

The Fort Wayne FC plays in the colors of the United States; White, Red and Blue.  The uniform color White signifies purity and innocence, Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice, and Red, as one of the goalkeeper uniforms, represents hardiness and valor.

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Anna Magner