Owners' Blog: How It Started

Well, it started with a youth soccer tournament at Grand Park in Westfield, near Indianapolis, Indiana in the summer of 2018.  Our youngest son, Stefan played goalie for the U15 Fort Wayne Sport Club (FWSC) team. The team lost all three games. Unbeknownst to us, Stefan was scouted by a national soccer coach that weekend.  Six months later, the United States Development Academy (DA) reached out to his high school coach, Carlos Cruz to inquire about Stefan’s interest in playing for the DA. 

Fort Wayne loves soccer.  With the FWSC, United FC and International FC, and other clubs and the many soccer teams at local colleges, high schools and middle schools, we have many young and incredibly talented soccer players.  What is the chance that these talents will be found and given the opportunity to play at a higher level, maybe professionally, maybe on the national stage, and represent our country? 

It was clear that we needed a stepping stone for these talented individuals.  That is Fort Wayne FC. Fort Wayne FC’s vision is to provide a stepping stone for young and talented soccer players from the large pool of youth and young adult players in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana, to allow them to play, develop and compete in the highest level of soccer nationally and internationally.

Our coaches will be encouraged to practice with local academy teams and field local talents when their ability presents itself.  Many D1 and D2 college soccer players will play for Fort Wayne FC, which gives the younger players a chance to learn and grow in soccer.  Fort Wayne FC will also try to connect with teams in Major League Soccer (MLS), i.e. Chicago Fire and Columbus Crew as well as Indy Eleven, a USL Championship team in the 2nd tier of the US soccer pyramid.  Not only will Fort Wayne FC be a stepping stone but could create a path for a career in soccer.

In spring of 2019, Stefan was accepted as 2nd goal keeper for the U17 Indiana Fire DA team. 

Dr. Erik Magner

President, Co-Owner of Fort Wayne FC

Anna Magner